Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yo, everyone !
Today school as usual and went to school early again .
After morning assembly, had English then we were asked to find meanings for each words .
Halfway through lesson, got fire drill then announcement that asked us to go Tennis Court .
We all went there, i mean whole school .
Then we all sat down under hot blazing sun .
Teachers/chairpersons taking down attendances .
Sat there for like an hour .
During that, chatted with Lixuan and Pearl about sign languages :P
After an hour, went back to classroom and it was supposed to be Mother Tongue lesson but it was nearly recess, so no MT .
Before recess, we watched a video of Camp Corri with photos for 15 minutes .
Then after that, went to canteen to look for them as usual .
Only got biscuits during recess as today is Total Defence Day .
People were 'groaning' that there were no food during recess .
After recess, went back to classroom then went to Music Room for Drama .
Teacher was not in so another teacher took over and asked us to do something .
After Drama, had Science, then learnt new chapter, 26, i think .
About chemical changes .
After Science, had Math and teacher was not in again so another teacher, Miss Jolene Jolly, took over and asked us to do the work the math teacher had given .
Pearl and i uncover a secret that a girl, Huifurn, is actually lying to us after we asked Ms Jolly about something that we dont believe Huifurn .
Woah, so many things Huifurn have lied and now, she is still lying .
What a good liar .
After Math, got dismiss then went to look for them at usual place with Pearl as she wanted to test Huifurn again .
Then after that, Pearl went off then Yuting, Wendy, Sheryl, and the rest of us went to bus stop and chatted .
Bus came then boarded it then got off at my bus stop then reached home .
Tomorrow, going library ?

Oh yes, you should watch this and it's damn nice MV ! -

'S.E.O.U.L' by SNSD and SuJu (:


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