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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Back from bath and outside (:
Okay, today, woke up at 9am then washed up .
Then used comp till 1.45pm and i realised that i was late for the meet up with my team members at 2pm .
Quickly switch off the comp then rushed off to school .
Reached there at 2.10pm and went opposite bus stop to meet Pearl and Joy .
Waited for Jessica to come and she was the last one .
The other member, Jean and Roshini never came .
So only four of us .
Jessica came then we got into Pearl's father's car .
Cool, got installed TV inside (:
Watched bit of Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 .
Then reached Pearl's house and we got off .
Went inside her house then we went outside to practice Dance .
While outside, the sun was blazing .
We cracked our head to think of the song which we cannot remember .
Then we went back inside to use laptop to look for the song .
Could not find then decided to call some of our classmates .
Some did not pick up .
Then luckily, i got Carissa's number .
Pearl used my phone to call her then we were damn happy that she know the song's title .
Then Pearl search the lyrics and print it out .
Then went outside to think of the dance steps .
We P&P-ed (:
Well, P&P means Practice and Play, LOL .
Then after like 30-60 minutes, we went back inside the house and drink green tea .
There's a secret that i cannot say in public :(
After that, we continue watch Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 .
Watched for like an hour, i think so, and ate chicken nuggets which Pearl's maid had cooked .
After the movie had ended, we decided to copy some dance steps from them :D
Then, we went outside to practice again .
We finally managed to the first part of the song then the rest, have not practice yet .
After practicing, went back inside then we all decided to go as it was already 6.30pm .
Then left the house after saying byes to Pearl's family .
Walked to the place where we met then Joy went back on her own as her house is quite near to Pearl's house .
Pearl, Jessica, Pearl's maid and i walked to the bus stop then talked for awhile then Jessica left to go another bus stop .
Then Pearl and her maid left me at the bus stop .
Got two men staring and i was feeling uneasy .
Then bus finally came in 10 minutes .
Reached my bus stop, then quickly rushed home .
Then reached home and my parents went out to have dinner .
Quickly bathe then was done with it and used comp again .
Blogging here :D !
Nothing to say already .
Stop hereee !

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Yuting: uh orhh , not fair u got ice cream lehh . me will get on monday D;
HAH :D At least, you will get one on Monday lah .


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