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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

hmmms, just came back from school :) at school, did works again -.- again, often talked to Pearl :D mostly, we talked about that idoit . laughs =D also 'gossip' about idoit :P who cares lurhs -.- many also mahs -.- hmmms, well, i shall stop here, alrights as i've nothing to bloq about, often, really everyday nothing to bloq as the holidae is getting too bored ! ask me out, canzxcxc ! only srt from next week ! this week, hav to go school ! damn it lurhs but it's fun there and over there, we would kill our time :) Pearl and i would look up each before and after the works (lessons) :) like it ! slowly, she became my good friend, yeahs ? Sheryl and HuiFurn >>> i also look them up when i couldn't find Pearl so that i wont be alone :P izzit better to go to school than to stay at home ? yous decide :) buhbyeeeees ! will be using plurk so check it out what am i doin (at the 'Looking back' section) !

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{♥} xiaomei: yo :D
yozxcxc ! linked yous !
lesalle: hello,how are u??
fine :D thanks fer asking , how about yous ?


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