PC Show 2009 @ Suntec City Convention :D
Saturday, June 13, 2009

todae, went to Suntec City w mummy :) went for PC Show 2009 . there DAMN CROWDED lurhs ! ppl keep stepping on my toes ! mummy also ... we only went lvl 6 as it only held on level 1,3,4 and 6 . we went level 6 cos we thought they would selling hard disk . found it the cheapest then bought it . also bought chair that look like box but can sit and keep thing inside . that's called 2-in-1 :) then went level 4 for awhile then went eat lunch ard 3plus then walked back to MRT station the way we went to Suntec City cos we dk where is free bus . alamak ! i forgot where's it liao ... -.- then reached home ard 4plus . noww i busy so i just type short lurhs . buhbyeeeees !

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{♥} xiaomei: hahas np :D x3 take care :D
TC toos <3
♥ , 舞'VIVIAN: thanks, love you too preciouslady ♥
me toos, TC <3


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