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Sunday, June 7, 2009


Hellohyos peeeps here, back from JB yeahs ? yesturdae left house ard 10plus and went down to get on the car and went JB w another family1 on the roaddd :) there at Woodlands checkpoint, damn lonqqq lurhs ... && traffic jamjam -.- then reached there ard 1plus or 2plus ? then did nothing at my relative's house, waiting fer someone to come home ? ard 3plus, ANOTHER family2 came in a big and luxury car from shopping :) then two boys played toys bicycles which belonq to the owner of the house's two sons . then played, played . when 4.30pm , watched teevee :) till 6.30pm then took bath then ate dinner . when family1 and 2 include my mother, sis and i finished, went shopping in BIG AND LUXURY car. then, i was thinking if i could watch Boys Over Flowers (BOF) on time ? but too late, we went shopping ard 8plus . but if only i could watch abit, so ? then after shopped, went eat KFC as SUPERRRR :) then full liao, went back to that luxury car :) to go back homeee reached home ard 10.45pm and saw ANOTHER family 3 who is the owner of the house (also my cousins =D) came home w their two sons, one is 4 and another one is 3 . the other two boys are both 2 :) then i quickly on Channel U to watch BOF and i only able to watch fer 15mins :( well, it's okays =D after that, went brushed my teeth :) then dont want sleep so went to play w those 4 naughty boys :P they really damn naughty lurhs and CUTTEEE especially 3yearsold kid :P the played till 12.30am :} then went to sleep OFFFF in COLD !
Todae, woke up 10plus, still in COLD, then went washed up then ate breakfast then watched OKTO, waiting fer th time to 1pm :) still v. lonqqq . then say byebye to family2 as they had to go back to KL in LUXURY car ! omg, i want ride it again manzxc and sleep in it ! nono, i rather buy and bring it back to my hometown ! =P then too bad lorhs , lols :/ watched teevee till 12plus and the car came to fetch us back to Singapore ! then quickly got on and on th way to SG ! on the way, stopped at petrol station to refill . my mother went bought food and it's when we gort KINDER JOY :D ! SECOND TIME EATING IT . then ate other food and drink tea in car and it was FAST to go back SG as there was no traffic jamjam :) i think 1 plus or 2plus, reached home ! till here, photos down here :D

he's damn the most cutest lurhs !

he's very guai lols .

my second kinder joy !

on th way back SG !

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