Audition's siao !
Saturday, June 20, 2009

Current mood: who cares -.- ?
Current songs: Stand by me

i had nothinq to do todae ... just came back from audi-inq :] played w SweetCandy :) she's damn pro uhs ! then i first lag behind all th ppl like bar so slow . i still at cfm when they go lvl 7 alrey ... -.- also, when there's too many ppl and the song is fast, so laggy sia ! little ppl w fast song okays luhrs . i dun wan that hauted classroom lehhs, too laggy ... but why, most of audi-ers go choose that classroom arhs ? hmmms, what to say alrey uhs ? GOGOGO ! buhbyeeeeeeees !

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RUIYI♥: Helloooos :'D , tagged!
hellos, thanks fer ur tags :]
rachael: tagged(:takescare ya
thanks ! TC toos :]


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