Happy Earthling dae :]
Friday, June 5, 2009

Current mood: happy ? sad ? happy lurhs ! =)
Current doings: fuk that homework, i hate it !

i love her(s) ! muakieszxcxc

Hellos back here, yeahs ! just came back from bus-stop =P was gonna meet Angela and Rachael at bus-stop near my block there, but they did not come down ! i looked fer them in th bus but crowded lurhs . then Angela SMSed me that they waved to me but i didnt see them wavin ? lols, then Angela suggest she would video call me ! long time never video call lurhs . then, went back home and video call them ! woots, they still in bus, i thought other people would look at them and me in video cause i shout so that they can listen :) but they still cannot hear me lorhs, i think so . Rachael damn chiochio, manzxc ! Angela also, canzxc ! i more UGLIER than them ! :) then they reached school, then they showed me other HI friends, wonder if they can see me, yeahs ? this morning met them and they still in there untill now ?!? lols , i 'love' going school durin holidaes cos it's just for me to kill my time w Pearl ! we often look up each other :) went there durin holi just to study english only ! we only did works, that's all, i like it cos teachers wouldn't give us homeworks ! they also never teach us but we have to ask them some question about comphresion that we're doin :P well, till here . oh yeahs, i'll be going to JB tmr ! fer 1 night && 2days !

Tags replied;
lesalle: hello :)
hello back :)
Angela: Yeppp! relinkk me... =]
relinked alrey . luvs !


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