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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

came back from school again ! just now went school ard 7plus then went hall for 'excersing' then went fer lessons but i only failed english then need go fer english only ... then, yous know what ?!? teachers said mathematics go first then after recess, english ! i was like AHHH ! come here so early fer what ? then Pearl and i went canteen and TALKED, TALKED . yeahs, we LOVE talking ;P hehes . when 10plus, went library, met Sheryl and Huifurn on th way then went together . at library there, played comp fer awhile then went fer lessons . teachers' kinda mad luhs cos they gave us simple worksheet that Primary Ones also can do -.- nono, i mean KINDERGARTEN also can do larhs . then did some works then dismissed at 1215pm :) then went home quickly cos gort CCA later on at 3pm . yse comp and here i am blogging ! oh yeahs, note that i only blog in THE DAY NOT NIGHT ! hmmmms, i shall stop here and get ready fer CCA ;D


Evelyn Lee.

I just want to blog as how I have been blogging in the past. I just want to write about happiness. I just want to write about my love for photography.
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