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Monday, May 18, 2009

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Todae gort back all the subject exam papers . first was Science . it's damn fcking hard lurhs . what ie meant it is th HARDEST of all . but, ie passed, lols . then, maths ... thought would failed but passed . after that, went fer recess . met 1/1 friends . after recess, went back to hall to see our marks again . SO MANY subjects lurhs ! Next was ......... Literature ! arghs ! shure fail, ie thought . then know what ? ie passed ! =DD RUIYI just 1mark higher than me D: when i high, she' always the highest :/ FCK YOU LURHS >:X she gort first and ie think ie second cos never see anyone higher than me except RUIYI lurhs . Geography was next . JUST passed ! then English paper 1, passed . paper 2, failed by 3marks . then combine equal to FAILED D: by 3% only lurhs ! English is a MUST to pass ! but, yet, failed ! then, History- passed =D . All the subjects PASSED EXCEPT ENLISH FAILED :X must really study hard fer ENGLISH hor ! alrights, till here .


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