trip to Pengerang
Saturday, April 11, 2009

just came back from Pengerang . had fun there, yea . well, iie'll bloq abt it, kayes ? iie oni upload some pics .
woke up at ard 7plus yesturdae then did morning routine thn smsed lixuan tatwould get bubble qum fer her . thn went out w familyto bus inter . reached ther thn iie told mother iie wanna eat chicken rice . then went eat at hawker center . after we all ate breakfast, went station ther near MRT, to wait fer bus two to qo changi village . thn took bus went ther . reached ther ard 9plus thn sawa lonq queue waitin fer boats to qo puala ubin . we qoin Pengerang la . met cousin and his fren ther then dk la . thn nid wait fer so lonqqq luhs dey ! cos public holi mahs . thn waited, did nth but to eat and play ! waited till 12plus or 1plus thn finally our turn take boat . thn went checked passports then boarded th boat . took abt 45mins to reached ther at ard 2plus then alighted ... then checked passports again ! after that, took taxi from jetty to town . thn went same hotel as last tym we went . cos ther gort internet connection ma . nort shure of other hotels . then went in and myiie family wanted big rm w windows but all booked liao . thn iie sad sad la . thn use big rm w/o windows . th rest used small rms . then we in to th rm, th first thinq we did was to on TV ... =P and tried to find okto channel but dun hab . thn ask mother find fer us but dk how la . then iie tried find then found liao . =D father went bought food fer us to eat . after eatinq, mother wanna slp . iie use psp qo internet . myiie sis(xiaomei) watched TV . thn iie oso qo watched . ard 5plus, went down w xiaomei and mother, buy smth . oso took some pics . then went to buy bubble qum fer lixuan and miie, of cos . then whn 5.35pm, went bk hotel thn watch 5.30pm show . thn after tat show finsihed, went took warm bath cos th rm like north and south pole luhs . iie think its temperature was 16-18 degree Celsius ! so we took v warm bath luhs . lols . after bath, went out eat dinner at restraurant . on th way ther, saw BIGBIGBIGBIG hse . bigger than C.S's hse lehs . woots ! then went restraurant, men ordered so much food ! oh gosh manzxc ! after finished myiie rice, dun wan eat liao .. oni nice food thn eat even though iie full . when 8.30pm, xiaomei and iie wan watch Freaky Friday show but missed aqn cos still at ther ma . sadsad . =( then when mother, xiaomei and iie dun wan eat liao, we decided to qo back hotel first to watch 'Table of Glory'(9pm show) . iie took pic of BIG hse on th way then,halfway, camera's battery flatted duhs ! sueyyy ... . reached hotel on time to watch TV ... after that show, adults went play mahjonq . miie watched 10pm show on channel U . xiaomei played PSP . 11pm thn iie did night routine then nid wear jacket, lonq pant and put blaket over miie cos so cold ma . felt abit warm ... then off to sleep liao ...
todae woke up ard 8plus so tat we can qo back sg early . did routine thn packed thinqs . thn went eat breakfast thn met cousin and his fren downstair . xiaomei and iie went back hotel first . thn parents came up and off we qo . th rest wan qo back in afternoon . myiie family wan qo back early coz of xiaomei's tuition . thn took taxi went back to jetty . we luckily tat boatman jus came lols . thn met that woman agn on th boat, to qo bk sg . th last tym was we took same boat to qo Pengerang . to think we met agn ! took same boat . hehes . then blabla .... reached sg ard 10plus thn took bus qo bedok station thn took taxi went home . so near then still near take taxi ... -.- then reached hm ard 11plus . thn unprepared thinqs la .
blog till here . =D
it's must a FATE that we met aqain on the boat .


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