Living dream - New York City
Wednesday, September 30, 2015

As most of you have known, I flew to New York City for New York Fashion Week (NYFW) two weeks ago, from 11th - 19th September (NYC's timezone). It was definitely a living dream for me! I mean, did I really go there? Now, I am able to say "I have been to NYC!" and check it off my long bucket list. It is all thanks to Crystal Phuong whom I am working with for her photoshoots. Also the one who got me into Singapore Fashion Week back in May. We were working on videos for new blog-magazine fashion website, 511Styles.

While in Manhattan, NYC, I was glad that I didn't really get jetlag (the time difference between NYC and Singapore is 12 hours!). The flight took about more than 24 hours in total with transit at Dubai International Airport, by the way. It was a hectic week for us as we had to rush from one place to another, be it for NYFW shows, after-party, events or collection presentations. I don't even know which day was which, hah. And, oh, we even had backstage pass to one of the shows which was Stella Nolasco SS16! Wow, all the models. We got to see the behind-the-scenes in actions. It was truly great experience.

In between, we would stop for shoots or videos. I realised that I lacked creativeness and I have a lot more to learn. Which is why I am thankful for this very big chance and call myself a fortunate one as I got to meet fashion bloggers and designers, even though I didn't really socialise then. I wish I had. Besides that, it was like a learning trip for me as I got to broaden my photography skills. I definitely learnt a lot of things from there. There is no word to describe how lucky and more than happy to be going for such shows and events. What's more, being in NYC, the city where everyone dreams to go!

It was during the last three days during the trip that we finally had our free time to explore like tourists. We went to Empire State Building (on 17th) where we went all the way up to 86th floor and, gosh, the view of NYC is amazingly beautiful!

The next day on 18th (which was 19th SG time, meaning my birthday! :P), we went to Brooklyn Bridge, an icon of New York City, and crossed it under hot sun (yes, blazing hot sun. It was still summer then.) over to Brooklyn in late morning near to afternoon. It looks nicer there and I wish we had more time to explore but we had to go back to Manhattan after like an hour. But, still, we crossed Brooklyn Bridge and even went to Brooklyn!

After the trip to Brooklyn Bridge, we walked to 9/11 memorial and I am not sure if it was just me or seeing the names on memorial is kind of sad. Next, we cabbed to Central Park where we had another photoshoot. Oh, we rented bicycles too! It's a must as the park is really big. We even went to the other side at East when we wanted to return the bicycles at West. Luckily, we managed to return before they charged us. I have to say that I often lag behind whenever it comes to cycling, sigh. Why am I not that fit and why is my stamina low? Nevertheless, it was actually a well-spent day for my birthday (well, accordingly to SG time). I can't believe I turned big '2'?! Hahah! xD It was second last day for us.

On the last day on 19th (our flight was at night), in the morning, we went to meet a famous American fashion designer, Zac Posen whom Crystal interviewed personally and I had to record throughout. It went well, yes!

So, we returned back to hotel but we already checked out so we kind of went hobo, haha. Good thing they kept our luggages safely. We had our last meal in NYC and walked around Fifth Avenue, the most expensive street. My legs were really tired that I would find a seat everywhere I went. I couldn't shop as everything was expensive for me. Besides, I was kind of tired, so I didn't get to buy anything. xP And, so, we finally rested at the hotel lobby before taking car to the airport. That was another long flight back but the best thing about it was the food! Food from planes always taste yummy! Oh yes, there is TV screen for each of everyone and I managed to watch six movies in total, which I always wanted to watch, during the flights to and from New York.

Here, I finally blogged about it, though it's a short one. I would so definitely go back to NYC if I could! First thing first, I have to save up more. Oh yeah, the unique thing about NYC is seeing yellow cabs everywhere and I definitely am missing those sights and, of course, New York City!

♡ Love,

Monday, August 10, 2015

SG50 is a grand celebration for Singapore as it marks its 50th National Day since 9th August 1965.

Yesterday on 9th August, I went with a friend to Marina Bay in the hope of catching amazing display of fireworks, however, it was too crowded everywhere. Literally everywhere. Must be the effect of free public transport on a public holiday. Also, most people have already 'camped' since afternoon. My friend and I managed to secure a spot, however, the view wasn't good. As you can see in the picture above which I took last night, the roof is blocking the view. Would have taken better shots if I came earlier to secure a good spot! Oh well, at least I was able to shoot few nice ones. That aside, it'a amazing to see probably thousands of Singaporeans, PRs and foreigners to gather together (to see the biggest fireworks ever) and celebrate National Day. It's sad to see that Mr. Lee Kuan Yew won't be able to attend 50th National Day, however, his spirit is truly here with us. It had been raining heavily for few days till yesterday when it didn't rain at all. In fact, the weather was really great. :D Singapore is a home, truly.

♡ Love,

Even just one
Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Even just a little thing can make one happy. Like how the above photo makes me smile when I received the news from Crystal (the one in the picture) about having one of my photos of her featured on a digital magazine which is SAUCEink Magazine. You can find it on page 59 of 106.  Even though my name was spelled wrongly (I photoshopped the above picture to correct my name :P). Even though they linked it to wrong person, but I understand because my blog's title was something else (I have changed to my own name xD), therefore one could not find my blog. Even it's just two pages and two photos, I am delighted to see it on a digital magazine. Ya' know, they are the ones I shot.

I wish we could get back our one month of doing the first project. Even just one more month will do, so that we could hasten during that period. But it's never gonna happen. Yes, I am talking about my MP-SIP. I feel that I have not done anything much. It is because whenever I could not find a solution to the problems, I would do something else such as typing out for edramaclouds.wordpress.com where I write reviews about dramas. If you like watching Korean or American dramas, head over to there! I just started it few days ago though. Oh well, hopefully that this month, by 3rd week, there would be something from myself. Time to stop getting side-tracked.

♡ Love,


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